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Translate from WAV to AU files with Wav2Au

This version of Wav2Au is a small Java program that translates WAV files to AU files. It's a modificaton of a Java program (initially made by Anthony Hursh) which did not accept some of the WAV files I wanted to translate.

The modification I made solved the problem for me, but I can not guarantee that it will work with all your WAV files.

Here's a presentation of the program

As you can see I just loaded the CHIMES.WAV file, and Wav2Au has decoded it and is ready to save the AU translation.

Wav2Au is packed as a small (24kb) executable JAR file (using Java and Java Swing library). You can download Wav2Au here.

To execute the program, type this command in the directory where you downloaded the file

java -jar Wav2Au.jar

You must have a Swing enabled vesion of Java installed on your computer in order to use Wav2Au.

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