Are Uppman

Enjoy playing bowling!

and watch your score...

If the applet does not show up just above this text, it's probably because your
favorite browser (Firefox, IE...) no longer supports java applets.
For some time still you might try an older version.
If you have installed JDK you may also use AppletViewer with the URL of this page.
Oracle has planned the definitive end of Java Applets, inclusive AppletViewer, in Java 9.

This applet

is not a game letting you play bowling online. It's just meant to show what can be done with the code discussed in this article, which is a reaction on Extreme Programming. So if you're interested in coding, read that article or go directly to the code of the container class BowlingGame that does all the calculations. You can also take a look at the code of the BowlingGameApplet that exploits the container class in order to implement the graphical interface shown above.

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